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“Renascer was a daring idea that worked. It proves that whenever there is an idealistic leader counting on the cooperation of other people with the same goal it is possible to provide significant help with meager resources to people with all sorts of needs.”

Cordélia Gaensly, Council Member (In memorian)

Invest your time, knowledge and skills at Saúde Criança. You do not need to be a specialist or dedicate all of your time to a single activity. Volunteers at Saúde Criança perform a diversity of activities and are extremely important to the continual success of the organization. 

When you become a volunteer at Saúde Criança you establish your commitment to a very vulnerable population: impoverished children who have been hospitalized and their families. To join our cause, simply fill out the registration form below and we will contact you! If you prefer, you can call us (+55 21) 2286-9988 and schedule a visit.

Any help that you can offer is extremely important!

Report about Saúde Criança

Sorry, this video is only in Portuguese - Program Ação Global, from Globo TV shows the work of Saúde Criança and the importance of voluntary work for the organization.

Report about being a Volunteer

Sorry, this video is only in Portuguese - Globo Internacional TV interviews Fabiana Saba, volunteer at Brazil Child Health, and shows the benefits that volunteering can bring.

Testimony of a foreign volunteer

Sorry, this video is only in Portuguese - Testimony of the American volunteer, Danieli Falarz on volunteer work in Saúde Criança.


For more information, please contact:

Comitê de Apoio ao Voluntariado