“The Ursula Zindel-Hilti Foundation has been a very proud partner of Saúde Criança since 2007. Vera Cordeiro and her team have helped hundreds of families with sick children over many years with their clear vision and precise methodology. It is not just about help for the acute health problems of the children. The key to this very successful project is the improvement of the living conditions and self-suffciency of the families. Success can be proven by statistics and testimonials, but for us the most visible proof of success is seen in the happy faces of people who have a chance for a better and decent future thanks to the professional support of Saude Crianca".

Ursula Zindel Founder of Ursula Zindel-Hilti Foudation (In Memorian)

“The Associação Saúde Criança is social technology. It is powerful, saves lives as no other current technology in the health or curative areas. Saúde Criança has shown that it can effectively and systematically change several causes of illness in poor communities, reducing hospital admission rates and providing relief to the suffering of the involved families and doctors. The organization is not only ethical and humanitarian; it is a world leader in the advancement of health with integrity and required prevention all over the world.”

David Bornstein Journalist, author of the book How to Change the World

“An example of social action with real qualification for completely transforming the reality of families. With this thought in mind it is easier to believe in the possibility of turning our country into a more equitable place for all people.”

Isadora de Afrodite Partner Avina

“We have walked a long distance and faced many obstacles which we would rather not face, but we have won, in the end. The project gained dimensions that leave us breathless. The stars are the limit! We dream more and more of getting more, trying not to forget our beginning, our essence. Our reality is very dynamic; we must be always reassessing ourselves, open to the new and watchful for needs. Anyone who shows solidarity cannot be solitary!”

Mirtha Cuitiño Director and volunteer who has been in Associação Saúde Criança for 13 years

“Renascer was a daring idea that worked. It proves that whenever there is an idealistic leader counting on the cooperation of other people with the same goal it is possible to provide significant help with meager resources to people with all sorts of needs.”

Cordélia Gaensly Council Member (In memorian)

“We have two main priorities with Johnson & Johnson in order to to change lives: make a difference in human health and map the key global health issues. In regards to this, we believe that our partnership with Saúde Criança has been extremely successful. Since 2005, we have worked together to improve the health of children and adolescents, as well as improving the living conditions of their families. The work carried out by Saúde Criança has had a transformative impact in these families and, as a result, it has been an honor for us to be part of their history. "

Ewerton Nunes Communication Manager (Social Responsibility and Sustainability), Johnson & Johnson

“Doctor Vera is a dreamer with her feet planted solidly on the ground. She executes utopias. Renascer was founded not because we are good, or because we wish to be charitable. The initiative was not the result of our sharing the scenery of misery but it was the result of our indignation when faced with a terrible reality that had to be changed. Something had to be done. Renascer is an example for starting other similar institutions. My wish is that Utopia may come true.”

Dr. Luiz Carlos Vieira Teixeira President, Board of Directors of Saúde Criança (In Memory)

“Renascer is a public policy focusing family health that operates by assuring one of the citizen´s most basic rights. It has a great differential: it is articulated and operated by the society itself. It works based in a method of proven results with the aim of reducing social inequality in Brazil.”

Isabella Rosado Nunes Jornalist

'Our partnership with the Saúde Criança association, which began in 2003, has been fundamental in strengthening and improving the engagement of White Martins associates with volunteer work. We noticed that the workers valued the partnership with Saúde Criança, a project which brings significant benefits to children and their families. Everybody felt more motivated and proud to help work towards a fairer society, in line with White Martins' sustainability principles. Furthermore, this engagement can be seen in the search for innovative solutions within every sector of the company.'

Carolina Werneck Communication and Sustainability Management – White Martins / Praxair