Saúde Criança Association

Saúde Criança is a social organization with a pioneer methodology that assists children who have been hospitalized and are living below the poverty line by fostering the economic and social self-sufficiency of their families.

Founded in 1991 by Dr. Vera Cordeiro, Saúde Criança is a Brazilian nonprofit organization with no political or religious affiliations.

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People have been assisted 

Source: Saúde Criança Association


Decrease in hospitalization

Source: Georgetown University Research



Increase in family income

Source: Georgetown University´s Research


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Your purchases will benefit children from families at social risk! Many of the products sold are made at Saúde Criança headquarters by mothers who have already been assisted by the organization. Sorry, but our online shop is only available in Portuguese, and we deliver only in Brazil.


Everything that the Solidarity Community intends to be, states, and expects in terms of support from society, is executed here, in the Saúde Criança Project.

Ruth Cardoso Brazilian First Lady (1994 - 2002)

What has kept me involved with Saúde Criança for so long is my absolute belief in their competency and integrity.

Arminio Fraga Economist and president of the Saúde Criança Trust Fund

Saúde Criança is an extraordinary, world class work made with heart and entrepreneurship.

Bil Drayton President of ASHOKA

Saúde Criança created a powerful method of social inclusion for the poorest.

Muhammad Yunus 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


#AbraceSuaMae #HugYourMom #AbraceSuMadre

# HugYourMom Campaign

In May, Saúde Criança conducts a campaign in honor of all mothers and invites you to join.


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Associação Saúde Criança and IES-Social Buisness School – synergy and cooperation!

The first trimester of 2015 was marked by the proximity and closeness of relations between Associação Saúde Criança (ASC) and the IES-Social Business School (IES-SBS)

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“I Believe” Project

Saúde Criança released the I Believe project, produced with support from the Sundance Institute, which aims to promote a virtual forum for discussions, ideas, initiatives, and projects around social inclusion.

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Founder Vera Cordeiro is a social entrepreneur for Ashoka, Skoll Foundation, Schwab Foundation, and a leader for Avina.